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Social media in real life

A couple of days ago I read this story about C&A who found a way to bring Facebook into the real life. Whenever people like an item on their Facebook page, it is transmitted to a digital device embedded in the clothing`s hanger existing in the real store. This made me think of the digital future and how Facebook has been walking in our lives.

Mark Zuckerberg describes his company as a “social utility“. At first I thought he was exaggerating. But what is happening with the C&A store in Brasil makes me wonder whether I have been wrong or not. In the future, it may become a social utility, helping us choose our clothing based on the “intelligence of the crowd” (e.g. the number of likes a clothing item has gotten).

It is well known that one of Zuckerberg`s targets is to make the Facebook id your identity everywhere (see the high amount of sites on which you can log in using your Facebook account). Read the rest of this entry »


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Ready, steady, go…

Here is my first English blog trying to accomplish two things at the same time: completing my Social Media assignment and making (maybe) myself useful to some of you by explaining what is really going on in this social media world. I am not an expert (yet), but I am studying it. And I am using it all day long. So it is actually my passion put into words and, hopefully, getting me a job in the future.

Why write about social media? As I said, I am studying it  and I am learning more every day. But, more important, I noticed that there are quite a few people out there using these tools and not knowing exactly what they do. That is how sometimes they find themselves in unfortunate situations such as a friend tagged me in a picture when I was drunk and half naked. I asked him to untag me but he/ she would not do it (I invented this example, but you know it is true; we have all got trough something similar at some point).

I will be posting reviews about new platforms and my personal experiences on the web as well. Feel free to give me your opinion on everything. I might not agree all the time but be sure I will respect it.


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