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The Cult of the Amateur

…or how to pretend that the Internet is the evil in our lives.

Andrew Keen is a critic of the Internet. He has a very elitist way of viewing what role the Internet is playing in our lives and the one it SHOULD play.

Here are some of the main points he makes:

  • on the Internet you can be anyone. That is why we should not trust the “academic” materials on the web, because we cannot be sure if they are written by an university professor, a dog, or the Easter Bunny. He gives the example of Wikipedia;
  • ¬†“the noble amateur” is everywhere on the Internet. It takes time and a high amount of knowledge to become a lawyer, a doctor or a journalist. But in this cyberworld there are “amateurs” without any degree who give their opinion without having any authority;
  • the Internet brings the death of music businesses, book businesses, and especially film industry;

Here is what I think about his points: they are highly¬†exaggerated. Read the rest of this entry »


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