As you all can see, I am a “she”. I am also a media addict. I cannot live without knowing what is going on out there in the world. I “eat” the BBC and The Guardian for breakfast. Sometimes I like to have House M.D. for dinner and maybe a movie. For lunch I am usually at the University of Sunderland where I study Media Production (Video and New Media).

This is me enjoying my work in the studio.

I am from Romania*. But I decided I wanted to experience something new, “lifechanging”.  Therefore I came to the United Kingdom. So here my adventure begins.

I am writing about what I like most: social media. Hopefully I will help you protect yourself better and create the online image you wish. Because on the web you can be whoever you want. Everything is up to you. I will also be telling you my own experiences in the digital world, how I see some new platforms and what I think they might be useful for.

*Yes, Romania is a country in Europe. Yes, it is a part  of the EU. Yes, it takes only 3 hours to get there by plane. 

 No, there are no vampires in Transylvania (at least I never saw one). No, we do not speak Russian. 

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