Social media in real life

A couple of days ago I read this story about C&A who found a way to bring Facebook into the real life. Whenever people like an item on their Facebook page, it is transmitted to a digital device embedded in the clothing`s hanger existing in the real store. This made me think of the digital future and how Facebook has been walking in our lives.

Mark Zuckerberg describes his company as a “social utility“. At first I thought he was exaggerating. But what is happening with the C&A store in Brasil makes me wonder whether I have been wrong or not. In the future, it may become a social utility, helping us choose our clothing based on the “intelligence of the crowd” (e.g. the number of likes a clothing item has gotten).

It is well known that one of Zuckerberg`s targets is to make the Facebook id your identity everywhere (see the high amount of sites on which you can log in using your Facebook account). It is said that one of Facebook`s future plans is to associate you online profile with your credit card number. That means you could pay online only by clicking “Log in with Facebook”. It is well known as well that Facebook is trying to build a mobile phone.

If all of these mentioned above happen (and I am 80% sure they will), Facebook will become a social utility and a leader on the online payment market; it will remain the photo-sharing leader; and it could offer the solution to selling newspapers and magazines online (instead of going out to buy your newspaper, you could just log in with Facebook and you would get access to news while the money is withdrawn automatically from your bank account).

Facebook says they have reached only 1% of their target. This statement is scary. But it is exciting as well. Time will tell what is next but I have the feeling that Facebook is becoming a bigger part of our lives than we could have ever imagined.


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