Pinterest seems to be on the lips of more and more people. To be honest, it still confuses me a bit. Below you can watch a presentation about this new social platform by Stephen Davies.

Now lets take a look at what others do with it.

Recipes – this is a “yummy” page. Basically what they are doing is adding photos of food. When you click the photo you go to the source which is a page with the recipe for the food in it. This is a good way to promote your blog, if you have some decent pictures of what you do.

Coca Cola has a very interesting page as well. I do not know if you are aware of this but the company has a Flickr page where people upload pictures of “Moments of happiness”. On their Pinterest page they are pinning pictures from Flickr on different boards with themes like “Be together” or “Keep discovering”. They have picked the most engaging photos where the Coca Cola logo appears. If it is not the logo then there is definitely something red appearing. Your logo appearing in the right pictures is a very good method to raise awareness of your brand.

What is your experience with Pinterest? Do not have an account? Drop me a line and I will send you one on your e-mail address you used for the comment.


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