Ready, steady, go…

Here is my first English blog trying to accomplish two things at the same time: completing my Social Media assignment and making (maybe) myself useful to some of you by explaining what is really going on in this social media world. I am not an expert (yet), but I am studying it. And I am using it all day long. So it is actually my passion put into words and, hopefully, getting me a job in the future.

Why write about social media? As I said, I am studying it  and I am learning more every day. But, more important, I noticed that there are quite a few people out there using these tools and not knowing exactly what they do. That is how sometimes they find themselves in unfortunate situations such as a friend tagged me in a picture when I was drunk and half naked. I asked him to untag me but he/ she would not do it (I invented this example, but you know it is true; we have all got trough something similar at some point).

I will be posting reviews about new platforms and my personal experiences on the web as well. Feel free to give me your opinion on everything. I might not agree all the time but be sure I will respect it.



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